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“Would You Like To Throw A Quinceanera
So Phenomenal Your Guests Enjoy
Every Minute There...
And Rave About It For Months?”

Learn How to Create The Perfect Quinceanera Party…
No Matter What Size Your Budget!

Afraid that you will disappoint your daughter / sister / niece with the results?

Need to have a million dollar quinceanera on a dollar store budget?

Worried that the overwhelming number of things you have to do will make you crazy?

Desperate for an elegant theme that no other girl in your town has used yet?

Wondering if you can skip the church ceremony but embarrassed to ask?

Afraid your lack of organization will make this event a nightmare instead of a dream come true?

Bienvenidos mis amigas,

My name is Anna Lara.

I am the mother of six beautiful girls. Like you, I know that the most precious gift I could give each of my daughters was a beautiful quinceañera. A party that she will always remember. A quince that celebrates her Hispanic tradition and her religious faith. When my youngest daughter was 12, I began planning her quinceañera in our hometown of El Paso. Imagine my surprise when my husband told me we were moving to New Mexico. So much for planning ahead. I had to start all over with new places, new people, and our new church, which we adored! Rosa's quinceañera was spectacular and I still remember it like yesterday. Mija has kept me proud all these years since then, graduating from medical school and recently getting married. You know I cried my eyes out when that beautiful woman, mi chiquita, walked down the aisle with the very same tiara she wore in the first quinceañera I ever planned.

Each of my precious daughters in turn had a wonderful quinceañera. And let me tell you, after six of them, I am the neighborhood expert now on quinceañeras. And not just my own neighborhood! All of my friends, family, their friends, and even people I don't know are always asking me to help them plan their quinceañeras. I have done 100's of quinceañeras now and really feel like I have 100's of daughters, each as special as the beautiful girl it honored.

So many girls began asking me for help that I wasn't able to help them all, until now. I finally decided to write a book about the perfect quinceañera so that I could help even more girls with one of the most precious events of their lives. While I wrote the book, I got so many great questions from moms and tias and madrinas and quinces that I added them all to the book. I’ve covered all of the questions that I get asked about planning a breathtaking quinceanera.

If you’re planning a quinceanera, you’ve got questions. With so many details to plan you don’t have time to waste trying to find the answers to all your questions. You don’t have time to find the best resources for planning a quinceanera. You’ve got to find a dress, a cake, a salon, a band or DJ, a theme, decorations, music, a choreographer… you don’t have time to even think about all the stuff you don’t know about putting together a quinceanera. Much less concentrating on making it a perfect quinceanera.

You need a trusted advisor who can help you complete the entire process from start to finish. You need someone who has planned hundreds of quinceaneras to help you plan the perfect quinceanera. You need a guide to planning the perfect quinceanera.

 Hi Anna,

I just wanted to let you know that I loved your book on Quinceanera. I looked everywhere for a guide like this when my friend told me about your book. There were so many things about planning a quinceanera party I had no clue about.

By the way, thank you so much for all the great ideas you put in your book! And, I also loved getting your newsletter every week. You really helped make my daughter's Quinceanera a phenomenal success!

Veronica Romero
Mission Viejo, CA

No matter what size your Quinceanera budget, now you can plan the perfect quinceanera. Whether you've got hundreds of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars for her quinceanera, I can help you create the Perfect Quinceanera.

Not sure where to begin planning? Let me help you. I can tell you where to start, where to look, what’s important and what’s not. I’ll give you tips used by party planning pros and tell you where to find the best buys for a gorgeous quinceanera. 

Dear Anna,

Wow! You've covered it all in the 'The Perfect Quinceanera'. What a wonderful tool for parents who are planning a Quinceanera party for their daughter.I can't thank you enough for providing this blueprint for such a memorable event.

I also want to thank you for putting the download instructions in plain English. The step-by-step instructions was a great help (you're right, it WAS easy!), and I was reading it only minutes after buying it.

Gloria Hernandez
Dallas, TX

Save time, get answers, find great quinceanera ideas!

Planning the Perfect Quinceanera is the perfect starting point for planning your quinceanera. Crammed full of 100 pages of unbelievably helpful tips and incredible ideas for every style of quinceaZera, from traditional to totally unpredictable, it's a must-have resource for anyone planning a quinceanera.

 Planning the Perfect Quinceanera Book


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Don't disappoint her on the biggest day of her life! Give her the perfect quinceanera.

Planning a quinceanera is a major production. The food, the dress, the church ceremony, the music, the choreography, the flowers, the decorations, the honor court, the limousine-don't forget favors -- but it doesn't have to be terrifying. And with the right resources, planning the perfect quinceanera can actually be one of the greatest memories of being a parent, aunt, sister, or madrina.

Filled with valuable information to help you create an unbelievable event.

Do you know what you should say in the newspaper announcement?
Did you know that Non-Catholic Churches can hold quinceaneras?
Do you know what to do if your daughter's expectations for her quinceanera are completely unreasonable?
Do you know how to work your theme into every detail of your quinceanera?
Do you know what song titles make the best Honor Court Entrance music?
Do you know clever ways to use the quinceanera's photo during the party?
Do you know what to put on your program?
Do you know that you can get invitations made exactly the way you want them even if you can't find what you want anywhere else?
Do you know how to use free tools on the Internet to make the event go smoother?
Did you know that you can find most everything you need for the Perfect Quinceanera online, no matter where you live?

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CLICK HERE TO PURCHASEThe Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide and I'll send you the e-book instantly. That's right; you'll get an email letter from me with easy directions about how you can download your book. Trust me, it's very simple. Within 15 minutes of placing your order, you can begin reading your very own copy of The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide and start planning immediately.

Plus, great bonuses for making your planning even easier!

It's all in The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide. And even though my husband was beating on the door day after day and begging me to stop writing, I couldn't help myself. Even after I finished the book, I thought of more and more wonderful information that I wanted you to have.


My Complete Set of Perfect Quinceanera Planning Worksheets.

Print them out and then fill them in. You'll find the quinceanera planning process much easier with these unbelievably helpful planning tools. Keep track of every planning detail with these Worksheets I created to go with every step of The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide.
Set your budget, keep track of expenses, monitor your progress, and get every planning detail on paper. You'll be relieved knowing that you've got everything covered. Plus put all of the forms in a nice notebook and make a wonderful reminder of the beautiful event.


129 Perfect Quinceanera Themes

Having a hard time coming up with the perfect theme for her quinceanera? My list of 129 themes covers the most popular themes and dozens and dozens that have yet to be exploited. I guarantee that you'll find something on this list that appeals to the quinceaZera and matches her unique personality and style. Be warned: after you read the list, choosing just one theme may become your biggest problem.


285 Song Titles for the Perfect Quinceanera

I couldn't help myself. Without great music, what is a quinceaZera? Yet, many girls and moms are constantly asking me for song suggestions for their Quinceanera vals, their baile de sopresa, the quinceanera's entrance and the court's entrance. I've put together this fabulous list of traditional quinceanera music for each purpose plus I've added lots of great song titles from all over the world that haven't been overplayed at every other quinceanera. You'll have fun exploring every one of these songs. Many of the songs are linked to an audio sample. Just click on the song's title and you can hear a short clip of the song to see what you think.

 Planning the Perfect Quinceanera Book


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The smartest investment you’ll make during your entire quinceanera planning process

You get The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide, The Quinceanera Planning Worksheets, the Bonus List of 129 Quinceanera Themes, and the Bonus List of 285 Song Titles with links to audio clips for only $29.95.

Too bad everything about the Quinceanera can't be such a great value.

Friends have told me that the total package is worth more than a One Hundred and Fifty dollars and keep telling me to change the price. But don't worry, I know that you need that money for other important things so, as a friend, I'm keeping the price really low for you.

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Muchas Gracias y Felicidades,


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Still not sure?

The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide is the one resource you must have in order to create the Perfect Celebration for the special quinceanera in your life. Jammed full of:

• More than 100 pages of tips that will calm your nerves and reassure you
• Hundreds of creative ideas to help you plan a quinceanera so unique that the entire neighborhood will clamor for your help in future quinceanera planning
• Dozens and dozens of money saving tips for doing things elegantly without the ridiculous price tag
• Answers to real questions that you've been asking
• Tips for getting the best deal for your money when you hire someone to provide services
• Advice gained from years of experience creating lasting memories at quinceaneras in every size and style imaginable
The Perfect Quinceanera Planning Guide tells you everything you'd expect to find and plenty of other valuable information you'll be elated to read including:
• Tips for when the quinceanera's parents are divorced
• Choosing the right gown style for the quinceanera's body type
• Suggestions for color schemes
• Unusual ideas for reception locations, plus lots of practical ones
• Step by step advice throughout the entire planning process
• Great ideas for doing things yourself without looking cheap
• Creative and unique ways for making an event that matches the Quinceanera's personality
• And More!

You've got to get this book. Whether you're just starting to plan your quinceanera or whether you just need to be sure you haven't overlooked anything as your event approaches, this book is for you.

Talk to you soon!